About Heresy

Heresy records is a label focused in my work on composition.

heresy has revealed as radical in subordinating him tothat which is no longer a principle  but a completely positive an-archyor unconscious.

Heresy has revealed as radical in subordinating him to that which is no longer a principle but a completely positive an-archy or unconscious.

François Laruelle

The editions are limited editions of 100 numbered copies per release. Crafted with 100% PCW recycled chipboard, and Taiyo Yuden cdr´s.

My own compositions are strictly anti-copyright, do whatever you want with them. In the work of other composers, please contact them if you’re interested in using the work.

Order information

You can order the records directly from this site, if you’re PayPal user. Please just click “Buy Now” button on each record in catalog.

Postage to all over the world is included in indicated price.

if you don’t use paypal, please write us an e-mail to miguel[at]taumaturgia[dot]com

Also you can order through distributors:

Europe: Metamkine

U.S.A: Erstwhile

Asia: Improvised Music From Japan